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In early 2017, there was an idea. An idea to create something that would appeal to the uniqueness of people while also appealing to the universal language of fashion.


As a bunch of 30-year olds from Sweden, with a shoestring budget and giant dreams, we set out to realize our dream of creating our own brand.

We asked ourselves many questions:

How do we make this product?
How will we make it stand out?
Will people like it?

And so we got to work.

Our story | Rawkly Fashion


Picture yourself getting fully dressed and you look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: “What’s missing?” Well, the cap is what finishes off that outfit and makes it feel complete.

We wanted to start off our brand with a new design on the cap. A cap that fits everyone, no complications from sizing or fitting.

But how did we take an outfit staple (the cap) and create something unique and inspiring?

That wasn't as easy as it sounds...

- completing yourself


We wanted to create something that showed off your personality and uniqueness.

What makes a cap unique? The logo, the fabric, and the color are all obvious choices, but we wanted to take it a step further.

We probably spent more than two months coming up with the ideal cap. Ideas flowed, everything from having a cool color to making the form into something stylish and unique.

After months of brainstorming, the idea finally struck us like a lightning bolt:

A snapback, with a wooden brim.

- how to stand out


Now, with the rough idea out of the way, we needed to find a name for it. 

Days went by and we couldn’t find a name that blended well with the product.

The enormous stress of finding a name fitting of our vision really tested our patience on the keyboard, but we didn’t give up.

Finally, we began to think outside the box. How can we combine our new product with the attitude of Sweden?

Sweden is a beautiful forested country, covered with more than 69% forest. It’s a perfect blend of beauty, nature, and the uniqueness of trees.

Then it struck us. The attitude of our product was exactly the attitude of Sweden. And so we started our brand off with our first product name: Attitude of Sweden!

- endless thinking


Since our goal was to reach out to everyone and appeal to their uniqueness, we knew that having Sweden in our brand name itself might not fit well outside of Sweden, so we needed something more.

Back to the drawing board! It was starting to get really familiar there.

We racked our brains over and over again and finally took a step back. Wood is the essence of nature. It’s the raw form of the Earth. Combined with our original idea of Attitude of Sweden, a new phrase sunk in: Raw Attitude.

Continuing on with this train of thought, we also really liked the name Rawkly.

So now we hade three different names that we loved. Fashion is about being true to yourself and so we decided to use all of them!

We would market Attitude of Sweden and Raw Attitude on kickstarter and Rawkly would become our brand.

Now we were ready to start creating our prototype.

- showing gratitude


Back to the drawing board! (Are you noticing a theme here?)

Luckily, we’ve had a hand for art for a long time, so our logos went quickly. We wanted one with a skater look and one a little more fashion stylish.

As for the hat itself, we had to settle on a design. Snapbacks, camper caps, dad hats, trucker caps, the list goes on.

We wanted one that truly had the Raw Attitude feel. We finally settled on a true classic: the 6-Panel Snapback.

- choosing the style


We wanted a brim that looked tough but at the same time, we wanted it to look awesome, be flexible, and waterproof.

We tried so many different ways to build the brim, but nothing seemed to be the way we wanted. We needed it to be light, flexible, beautiful, AND unique for every person who got one.

In the end, we solved this too. To prevent the wood from reacting with water and moisture we came up with the brilliant idea of using a thin layer of wood that was attached to the fabric. And so it was perfected.

It was flexible, waterproof, and looking stunning. We could even throw it in the washing machine and the wood was completely undamaged! 

But the cap shrunk... So if you´re gonna wash your cap, you might just want to hand wash it.

- being unique


For us, there are two different ways to close your cap, either it´s the classic snap closure or the flex-fit cap.

In the end, we decided to make our prototype with the classic snap closure. We like the look of it, and we think it’s more fitting for most people.

The color of the closure was also a challenge and we wanted a stylish cap. So we made it the same color as the crown, for adding just the right amount of flair to complete your outfit.

- make it easy


​Now we were ready to start taking home our prototype for production.

This wasn’t easy, and finding a company that could help us with this and getting them to understand exactly what we wanted became a challenge. Of course, we first started with manufacturers in China.

We contacted around twenty different companies, ordered some copies with our description, but it was disappointing every time.

After making some calls and putting more work in finding serious manufacturers, we finally found a company in France. It is an established company that has worked exclusively with caps and made caps for many well-known brands.

- finding the manufacturer


Finally, we found our partner. The French company knew what they were doing. We decided to really test our belief in this company and booked airline tickets to France. This was an incredible trip that made us see what a real manufacturer should look like. The first copy we ordered was in black, as we wanted the color to be as neutral as possible.

It was okay. There was still something missing. We went into every detail of the cap to explain exactly what we wanted. New samples were made and there it was.

For us, the cap we had drawn on our drawing board, the cap we had spent months and months pouring our heart, sweat, and dreams into was finally in front of us. Exactly how we wanted it. Everything was perfect.

And now, here we are today, in front of you. We have the prototype of our snapback, and this is just the beginning for us.

We’re only at the beginning of our story and we have even bigger dreams ahead. We need your help.

Let’s step forward into the future of fashion, together!

- idéa to reality


This is our story, and now we need your help to make this a success. We have the products, we have the ideas and we have the commitment. Now, all we need is your support!