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Body shapes: Choose the right style for you

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

"My body is the shape I live in and it shapes the way I live" (Raquel Welch)

We are all beautiful for how we are, whatever our weight, our height, our size and fashion comes to our aid by providing us with advice on what to wear to feel even more valued and at ease in our body.

Today I want to talk to you about the 5 most common female body shapes, advising you on what is the right clothing to best enhance each of them.

Let's start!

"APPLE BODY" features and what to wear

Those with a physique of this type have a larger bust than the lower part of the body, the breasts are generally large, the waist is not very marked and the legs and arms are generally slender. If you have a few extra pounds, this is located in the central part of your body.

To enhance an apple-shaped body, one must focus on the best parts of oneself, namely the legs, neck and décolleté; excellent blouses and V-neck sweaters, dresses, trousers and short skirts with a high waist so as not to focus attention on the belly; to avoid too tight clothes that highlight the waistline.

PEAR or TRIANGLE body characteristics and what to wear:

Those with a pear-shaped body have a slimmer bust than the lower body, small breasts and a generally flat abdomen. The lower body is more rounded and rounded and that is where the excess pounds accumulate.

To enhance a pear shape you need to focus on the upper part giving it volume, perfect tops, blouses and embroidered or decorated blouses; avoid anything that creates volume in the lower part of the body such as bell bottoms.

HOURGLASS body features and what to wear:

The hourglass body is the most proportionate of all, the waist is narrow, hips rounded and have the same width as the breasts. It's the classic 90-60-90. The excess kilos are accumulated evenly.

The waistline is the area of ​​the body to focus on! Those with an hourglass body have proportionate curves and enhancing the waistline will enhance them even more. Go ahead for V-necks and all garments that tighten at the waist. Avoid any garment that makes the square figure appear.

RECTANGULAR body characteristics and what to wear:

Those with this type of body have an equal proportion between bust, waist and hips. The breasts are usually small and the hips are narrow. It is the most androgynous form of all. The weight is accumulated evenly.

The watchword for this physique is to break and it can be done with the help of sashes and belts that help create volume in the upper body. Another tip is to choose a bra that increases the breasts by one size. Be daring with miniskirts and bright tights to make your gorgeous legs stand out. Avoid men's clothing and oversized sizes.

Physical OVAL characteristics and what to wear:

Those who have an oval shape, mix characteristics of the pear-shaped body and characteristics of the apple-shaped body. She generally has soft arms and more drooping shoulders, there is balance between the upper and lower body and a poorly marked waist.

Those who have this physique have the green light for the V-neck or crossover. It is also advisable to wear dark colored clothing on the top or bottom to help slim down. Blazers and cardigans are very suitable and super thumbs up for vertical stripes. Avoid clothes with a straight cut or too loose.

I hope I have been useful with this mini-guide and always remember to accept yourself as you are, every physicist has strengths and weaknesses, but it is our task to enhance our strengths.

"It's important to know yourself well, in order to create your own style or fashion to suit your own body shape". (Sonia Rykiel)



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