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How and when were this cult accessory born?

Street style represents our personality and our mood. It's great to have the freedom to mix and match different garments and styles based on

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Fashion is in the sky, in the street

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Street style is an expression of one's individuality through clothing, a way of dressing that goes beyond what is proposed on the catwalks or by fashion designers.

Street fashion is a mainly metropolitan style, which we find above all in big cities and combines elements drawn from different styles and cultures; everything is allowed and possible, the trendy elements and those seen in the fashion collections, blend together, giving life to an explosive mix.

People communicate who they are through clothes and express their personality through unique and sometimes unrepeatable details, colors, volumes.

It is a fashion that goes beyond fashion, it is a risk and a play with conventional fashion to bring it closer to who we are and how we feel.

The street has influenced traditional fashion in recent years, and it is precisely from there that it constantly takes its inspiration.

The phenomenon of street style owes its popularity to photographer Bill Cunningham, who began in the 70s, aboard his bicycle to photograph people and their style in big cities, documenting it in his popular "On the street" column published in New York Times.

"The best fashion show is on the street, always has been, always will be". (Bill Cunningham)

Street fashion actually began earlier, thanks to the young people of the 50s and 60s who, during the first youth revolutions, freed themselves from the rigid past rules and began to express themselves in clothing with more freedom.

The secret of street style is eccentricity, curiosity, contamination and the courage to combine simple essentials, overlap them and create very personal oufits.

Since 2005 street fashion has become a trend phenomenon thanks to another photographer, the famous Scott Shuman who, with his blog “The Sartorialist”, showed photos of people captured in their everyday life.

With the advent of social media and Influencers, street fashion has spread everywhere and fashion brands have adapted by reinterpreting what the street offers them.

The collaboration between the innovative style of the "common people" and the creative flair of the great designers will merge more and more, giving life to a fashion free from restrictions and conformity, where everything mixes and unites without distinction of races and genders.

"Fashion is a declaration of your own freedom" (Anna Dello Russo)



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