Sneakers, simple shoes from humble beginnings to the coolest accessory of the moment!
How and when were this cult accessory born?

Street style represents our personality and our mood. It's great to have the freedom to mix and match different garments and styles based on

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Sneakers today - Evolution of a gym shoe

"One shoe can change your life" (Cinderella)

Sneakers, simple shoes from humble beginnings to the coolest accessory of the moment!

How and when were this cult accessory born?

The first experiments to create comfortable shoes, were born in the XVI century, thanks to the Native Americans who had invented to cover their feet with latex, obtained from the rubber plant, to face even the most difficult terrain.

Since that time, this shoe has developed quickly and in the XIX century the real sneaker was born in England, used by noblemen to take part in competitions and outdoor sports events.

If for years sneakers have been mainly considered a sports shoe, used for running, walking and playing some sports, in the last period it has become a symbol of street style.

It is considered a fashion shoe worn by young people, managers, influencers, men and women of all ages! It is an important piece of the outfit and plays a primal role in the look.

Sneakers are more and more used and stylists have created all kinds of them, from the simplest, to those embellished with rhinestones, pearls and prints. They come in all colors, from gold to silver for elegant outfits and in bright colors for more bold looks.

Let's see together different outfits perfect for Sneakers!

ELEGANT: combine them with a neutral colored suit, consisting of wide high-waisted pants and a blazer

SOPHISTICATED: Wear a monochromatic outfit to pull in this comfortable accessory even more fashionable.

COOL: Black dress, denim jacket and sneakers for a cool look.

SIMPLE: Skinny jeans, a floral blouse and pastel sneakers

REFINED: Choose a pleated midi skirt and an embroidered blouse or top.

ROMANTIC: Light, floral print dress and a shoulder bag.

And what about men?

For a sporty look, combine the sneakers with a tracksuit, a t-shirt and a down jacket, for a cooler look add a snapback and a backpack.

For a casual yet chic look, pair the shoes with jeans or cotton pants and a jacket. Mixing different outfits together will make you look more graceful, but casual.

For a formal look, sneakers and dress! By now the sneakers have been declared elegant shoes too, and can also be worn under sophisticated clothes.

Sneakers are the perfect shoes for every outfit and suitable for all ages! Have fun finding the ones that best suit your personality and combine them in several ways. However it goes, it will be a success!

"I can be naked as long as I'm wearing the right pair of shoes". (Anna Dello Russo)

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Sneakers today - Evolution of a gym shoe