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How and when were this cult accessory born?

Street style represents our personality and our mood. It's great to have the freedom to mix and match different garments and styles based on

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Street Fashion: The Inspiring Fashion Trends!

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Street Fashion or street style is exactly what it sounds like. It is a fashion that has evolved from the streets and not from runway hauls or brand designers. 

Street fashion is not like other fashions; it does not cover just one style of dressing. Instead, it surrounds many styles, and all these styles are unique and were inspired by the youth who favored this style of dressing.


Significant clothing designers now recognize street fashion or street style. It is a reality that it is influencing the world of high fashion.

Some big street fashion fans describe the fashion that it is for brands starting to have a new type of dialogue with the customer.

The customer or the public, in general, has a lot more than knowledge and a lot more discerning. Hence, being a designer now means something different than the designer in the previous generation. 

That makes room for a more considerable opportunity because it is a new space for a new dialogue and a new area to be defined, which is the best way; to be like a sort of independent market with independent ideas and creations.

Today even big-name designers recognize street fashion and have started incorporating features of this fashion into their lines. The trends of these fashion designers show a trend of street fashions. They have even brought their styles to another level by incorporating this fashion in their formal and dress wear.

The Development of Street Fashion: How it became the Ultimate Fashion Trend!

Street fashion is a style of casual clothing that became global in the 1990s. It grew from New York hip hop fashion. Eventually, California Surf/Skate Culture to encompass elements of sportswear, punk and Japanese street fashion. 

It commonly centers on "casual, comfortable pieces such as jeans, T-shirts, baseball caps, and sneakers" and exclusivity through intentional product scarcity.

In Japan, street fashion is influenced by American street fashion. Even though their materials are produced in Japan, the trends are influenced by fashion trends in other countries.


Street-fashion in Japan is also influenced by the backdoors club scene, which is attended by young people. Also, of note is that Japanese street fashion has to give credit to the Hip Hop culture for much of its looks; every culture has its youth who want to make their fashion prints and statement.


 Mass marketing, the spread of television, and not to mention, social media platforms may have increased the presence of "alternative" lifestyles for individuals in search of "genuineness."

How Can the Future Be?

Every individual with a smartphone and a social media account can take street fashion pictures and consider themselves influential. The number of influencers and fashion bloggers is rapidly increasing, which is making us have a question.

Does that mean a massive progression in the street fashion market or means that the industry will go away from having the willingness to express your authenticity to being paid for having a photo for a particular product?


A question that needs us to keep an eye on what is going around on the fashion market and always thinks that the more comfortable you are feeling in what you wear is the key to being stylish, trendy, secure, confident and fresh. And always remember to shine bright every day!



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