• Val Berenice

The must have for your Street style

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

To be irreplaceable you must always be different". (Coco Chanel)

Street style represents our personality and our mood. It's great to have the freedom to mix and match different garments and styles based on how we are and how we feel, but today I want to talk to you about some feminine must-haves to create a perfect street style!

Let's go and discover them together! MULES: these shoes, once called sabots, are very chic clogs that leave the heel uncovered.

HEAD ACCESSORIES: Whether it's hats, beanies, snapbacks, bandanas, turbans, colorful headbands, these accessories will help you create your own signature.

COZY FLANNEL SKIRT: The flannel skirt can be combined with different garments and give you a western, hipster, casual or even 90s touch depending on which other clothes you choose.

COLORED LENSES SUNGLASSES: choose pink or pastel shades, in addition to protecting you from the sun, they will add a touch of color to your outfit. Be inspired by the fashions of the past.

BOYFRIEND JEANS: This is a masculine cut and a little oversized jeans. It can also be worn to go to the office if combined with a blazer. Or with a very feminine blouse or a cute sweater. To you the choice.

SHOULDER PADS JACKET: a dip in the 80s when this type of jacket was so famous and was worn by most women. The jacket will create the optical effect of having a super slim waist and can be paired with boyfriends or skinny jeans or tight skirts.

CUTE FLORAL DRESS: Every girl wants to feel feminine every now and then and what better garment than a light, muted colored dress? It can be combined with various garments to create different styles, for example with a pair of converse and a snapback or with a military-style jacket to give a nineties touch.

BOMBER JACKET: the bomber is the true masterpiece of street style, combinable with everything, from casual and sporty to chic and hyper feminine outfits! What matters is wearing it with the right attitude.

These are just some of the must haves to create your personal street style, combine them with the clothes you already own, play, have fun and find your favorite style. Street fashion comes from you!

"Style is something that each of us already has, all we have to do is find it." (Diane von Furstenberg)