Rawkly Logo - The Street Fashion Brand & Store


This is the reason for our Kickstarter project - Rawkly is the brand name, the company, and our beginning.

We have a big vision for the brand. Right now we have plans for a total of three different products for Rawkly, the snapback, sunglasses, and a bracelet.


​We want to create these awesome sunglasses that we have drawn and planed. These will become available in the future.
It has a pilot style and with really nice wooden temples and our logo, Rawkly carved into one side.

Black lens
Aluminum bridge
The top bar of aluminum
Eye wires of aluminum
Wooden temples

Carved logo


​Right now only got sketching on the snapback for the Rawkly collection. This collection will be the start of our brand.

It will be made in the same way as the other collections we have. The only difference is the logo, it will be a 3-D embroidery logo like the others, have an awesome brim covered with wood details. All the same fabric and everything

Check out the sketch or read more about the Rawkly collection in that section.


​​​This is our second upcoming product, the Rawkly Bracelet. 
It´s a unique accessory that we believe will be really beautiful. Right now it's just a drawing and hopefully, it can come real.
Will consist of real leather with the lock in the logo made of a dark wooden style.

Real leather
Metallic loops
Real wood logo



​The Rawkly snapback is the first product of the brand. High-quality snapback with a wooden brim. It will be available on Kickstarter when we reach stretch goal 3. 


All snapbacks are a snapback 6-panel design. A true classic with perfect shape, not too deep nor too shallow.


A stylish and modern logo in a 3D- embroidery style. The same as we use on all our snapbacks.


The screen will consist of 5 different layers. Where the two outer layers will be with wood veneers.


It´s the most common closure that is used on a snapback. It’s easy to adjust and has a stylish design.


The buttons on the snapback are in the same color as the crown. It gives the snapback a uniform look.


This is one of our detail on our snapback. A unique lip around the brim that gives an awesome look and a better feeling.



High-quality sunglasses with wooden temples. Will be the first new product that we create if our Kickstarter project is a success.


The top bar is the part between the two lenses. The top bars will be made of aluminum. 


The temples of the sunglasses will be made of solid wood, the wood type will be available in three different types .


We will have a carved into-wood logo on the right side of the temples.


The first product will have a black lens, more will  become available later.


The bridge is the part you have on your hold up the glasses. It will be made of aluminum.


The tips of the temples will have a little curved style to make the glasses fit better.


The part around the lens will be aluminum with a dark color to give it a clean look



The second product that will be made after the Kickstarter is the bracelet. Made of genuine leather with four knots along the length. With a wooden made logo.


We will use real leather as a band. It will be treated to get more durability. It will be manufactured in three different sizes and two different colors - Black and brown.
Four knots will be put on the strap to give the bracelet a nice design and to keep the strings in place. These will also be made of leather in the same color.
We will use a "lobster claw" a lock that is very discreet and gives the bracelet a nicer look. The lock will be in real silver on the black and in brass on the brown.


The thing that will hold the entire bracelet around your wrist together will be our logo Rawkly. It will be made of solid wood and will be in a dark treated wood.